2021 DUCATI Monster+

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2021 DUCATI Monster+


Lightweight and compact. Agile and sleek.

The Superbike derived frame of the new Monster with an aluminium front frame contributes to maintaining the dry weight at just 166 kg. And lightness is key to achieving a bike that is easy to ride, handle, whilst being fast and above all fun.


Narrow sides and front frame that terminates in line with the vertical head. This makes it easier to put your feet on the ground with the motorcycle at a standstill.



A design featuring simple neat lines, an engine, a seat, a fuel tank and a handlebar.


Exciting performance

The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and Euro 5 homologation. Compared to the previous 821 it increases in displacement, power, torque and decreases in weight (-2.4 kg) to contribute to the lightness of the bike and offer better rideability. It now delivers 111 hp at 9,250 rpm with maximum torque of 9.5 Nm delivered at just 6,500 rpm, proving to be efficient and reactive in throttle response.

Riding Fun

Dream. Feel. Thrill

The new Ducati Monster is pure riding pleasure; a sensation of absolute control. The sporty naked for everyone, which you can to start and grow with, improving more and more each ride until you reach amazing performance.

Compared to the previous 821, it increases in displacement, power, torque and weight (-2.4 kg), to contribute to the bike's lightness and offer better rideability. It now delivers 111 hp at 9,250 rpm with 9.5 Nm of torque at just 6,500 rpm.

The 35 kW version is also available, suitable for those with an A2 licence

A new Monster Design

The new Monster draws its DNA from the model dated back 1993, namely reflects what is needed to get supreme fun when riding a bike. In other words, an engine, a seat, a tank, a handlebar.

Furthermore, it integrates all the unmistakable elements that characterize the iconic model: the bison-back-shaped tank, the round headlight, the clean tail, not to mention the greater prominence given to the engine.

It is definitely a brand-new chapter characterized by evolved shapes mixed with modern, sporty, elegant, sophisticated yet technological flavours. All contents thus resulting perfectly integrated with the design.

Maximum compactness and lightness are wisely combined with the traditional yet essential and pure lines of Ducati. In addition, each single technical feature participates, in harmony, with the design to reimagine the concept of the sport naked conceived by Ducati in 1993. Starting with the front frame, clearly inspired by the Panigale V4.

From a zenithal viewpoint, this new machine reveals all its seductive lines, namely the narrow seat, the muscular tank which widens towards the rear to meet, as a true sporty bike, the volume of the side panels.

New Full-LED headlight

The Full-LED headlight maintains the iconic, round shape, made even more evident and modern by the incorporation of the LED Daytime Time Running Light (DRL) system.

The structure of the headlight also evolves, and it does so thanks to a lens that fully integrates both optical and electronic elements. What’s more, the technical elements contribute to create modern and technological suggestions.


Front Frame

The new Monster brings the engine back to centre-stage. Linked to a front frame ideally derived from the one on the Panigale V4, the new engine is made of aluminium and is 4.5 kg lighter than the 821 model.

Sleek tail

The sleek tail, attached directly to the engine, also participates in the overall lightness. A single element made of GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) which acts as a load-bearing tail and as a support for all the electrical and electronic parts. The battery has also been revamped in terms of size (now smaller) and lightness. In general, each component has been designed to be as light as possible.

Seat height

The height from the ground of the seat of the new Monster is 820 mm. This, combined with the narrow sides of the bike, allows the rider to put his feet on the ground very easily. A seat is available as an accessory that reduces the height from the ground to 800 mm, while still maintaining good padding. And, for those who wish, a kit of springs for the suspension can be purchased, which lower the vehicle by reducing the seat height to 775 mm from the ground.

Hydraulic clutch

The clutch equipping the new Monster is wet anti-patter type and thanks to its particular self-servo system can guarantee a smooth feedback. Thanks to the new hydraulic control results extremely “light” to pull (-20% effort) and perfect in modulating the attack to suit riders of all levels and spirit.

Braking system

The best possible braking system while maintaining great modulation and light and punctual control in operation: that is the aim of the Ducati engineers who developed, in close collaboration with Brembo, a higher-end braking system.

Tyres and wheels

Even the alloy-wheels, reduced to a mere 1,7 kg compared to the Monster 821 models, partecipate in the overall new Monster lightness. 3.5 x 17” up front and 5.5 x 17” at the rear, mounting Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres, 120/70 up front and 180/55 at the rear. A special choice to support the sportiness of the Monster, both on dry and wet surfaces.

Steering angle

The new frame but also the careful positioning of some parts, such as the radiator, have made possible a great improvement compared to the previous Monster 821, namely 36° steering angle and, to be more precise, 7° more than the existing version. Thanks to this technical formula, the Monster has never been so agile in urban riding and also when changing direction, thus resulting easier and more intuitive.


The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and Euro 5 homologation. Compared to the previous 821 it increases in displacement, power, torque and decreases in weight (-2.4 kg) to contribute to the lightness of the bike and offer better rideability.

An easy and handling bike

To ensure maximum manoeuvrability at low speeds and facilitate manoeuvring from a standstill, the steering angle has been increased to 36° (+7° compared to the 821).

The handlebar has been brought closer to the rider's torso by about 7 cm to have a more upright riding position that guarantees greater comfort and control. The position of the feet has also been changed, and the legs are now less curled up. All this translates into greater riding ease, even in city traffic.


Euro 5 homologation did not prevent Ducati technicians from obtaining higher power levels than the previous Monster with a maximum power of 111 hp (81.6 kW) at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 9,5 Kgm (93 Nm ) at 6,500 rpm.

Power therefore grows by 2 hp while the torque increases by 0,7 Kgm and maximum peak is reached 1,250 rpm, before if compared to the 821 model, with a richer delivery curve at whatever revs, especially at low-to-mid revs, mostly used on the road. This figure therefore means a richer delivery together with a more instant engine response. In other words, it guarantees a further dose of exciting riding pleasure.

Thanks to a refined work covering all components, the brand-new 937 Testastretta engine results extremely reliable as well as affordable in terms of (long) maintenance intervals. Oil services have in fact an expiration set at 15,000 km while the valve play inspection is needed just every 30,000 km.

Ride-by-Wire system allows the adoption of different Riding Modes to change the character of the engine according to individual riders’ styles and needs.

The clutch equipping the new Monster is wet anti-patter type and thanks to its particular self-servo system can guarantee a smooth feedback. Thanks to the new hydraulic control results extremely “light” to pull (-20% effort) and perfect in modulating the attack to suit riders of all levels and spirit.

This system acts in a double way: by “pushing” the discs against each other in acceleration and reducing the pressure on the clutch discs when an opposite torque is applied, so preventing rear wheel destabilisation during aggressive downshifting. The Quick Shifter, available as standard, ensures shifting assistance both up and downshifting and is the perfect companion in true sporty adventure as well as urban-style riding, thus preventing, in this specific case, the rider from frequently gear changes.


Cutting-edge technology

Such modern Monster deserves a first-rate electronics kit. The standard equipment includes fully-adjustable ABS Cornering, Traction Control, Wheelie Control.

The new Monster sporty nature is also underlined by the Launch Control, which ensures lightning-fast starts: out-of-the-ordinary features usually reserved to supersport motorcycles are now available to every passionate, all in the name of first-class riding fun

Like all the latest generation Ducati bikes, the new Monster takes advantage of the Ride-by-Wire technology for the dynamic control systems of the bike, to compose the Riding Modes that modify the character of the bike adapting it to the road conditions and/or the rider’s riding skill.

The ABS, adjustable on 3 intervention levels, now integrates the cornering function in level 3 and 2. While highest level 3 setting offers extraordinary stability while braking together with maximum rear lift-up prevention, level 2 enables sport-oriented ABS intervention with moderate rear lift-up prevention. Lastly, level 1, with no rear lift-up prevention, is of the “only front” type and offers maximum performance on the racetrack

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)

The Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system acts as a smart “filter” between accelerator and the rear tyre. It lets the rider select one of 8 different intervention levels. Each of the 3 Riding Modes has default DTC levels but these can be personalised to suit individual riders’ styles and road conditions.

Launch Control

The new Monster is equipped with a Launch Control system that allows extremely effective starts. Once activated, the system autonomously manages the engine (whatever the throttle is opened) bringing the engine to maximum torque and letting the owner only to manage the clutch at the start. This is a drag race-proof mode that provides for the best possible acceleration.

Wheelie Control

The Launch Control system also makes use of the Wheelie Control, the control that allows the bike to accelerate to the maximum while detecting any front wheel lift. This attitude is managed electronically, improving riding safety but, at the same time, ensuring the best possible acceleration performance. Furthermore, Wheelie Control is independently adjustable from other control systems.

Ducati Riding Modes

Ducati Riding Modes undoubtedly marked an engineering milestone, letting riders select different settings: Sport, Touring and Urban that optimise motorcycle behaviour to individual riding styles and different road conditions. Each Riding Mode have been developed to vary the engine character (Power Modes) and the ABS, DTC and DWC intervention levels instantaneously, even when riding.

Sport Riding Mode

The engine delivers 111 hp with direct Ride-by-Wire throttle twist response, reduced Ducati Traction Control intervention, level 2 ABS braking efficiency and moderate rear wheel lift control. Ducati Wheelie Control intervention level enhances sporty riding.

Touring Riding Mode

The engine delivers 111 hp with a more progressive Ride by Wire throttle twist response, increased Ducati Traction Control intervention, level 3 ABS braking efficiency in order to ensure maximum braking stability and moderate rear wheel lift control. Ducati Wheelie Control is tuned to an optimal level to guarantee relaxed riding.

Urban Riding Mode

The engine delivers 75 hp maximum power with progressive Ride by Wire throttle twist response; Ducati Traction Control is set to an even higher intervention level and the ABS is set to level 3, maximising braking stability and wheel lift-up prevention.

Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down

Available as standard on the new Monster the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down, a race-derived electronic system, lets riders up-change without using the clutch. This system not only boosts the enjoyment of sports riding but it also lends a welcome hand in city traffic or on winding roads requiring frequent gear changes.

Colour TFT instrumentation

The Monster instrument panel is embellished by a 4.3” colour TFT display. Its graphics comes from the Panigale V4 and offers useful on-board information. In the center of the screen rev counter and currently selected gear are showed. Even air temperature and fuel level are immediately readable. This device it is also predisposed to display information from the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), which allows to connect the smartphone to the motorcycle via Bluetooth module (available as an accessory) and to manage some functions via the buttons positioned on the handlebar. The display shows the “music player” commands, the headset connection status icons, incoming call as well as message received alert icons.

Headlight and indicators

Needless to say, the round headlight on the new Monster is undoubtedly a great comeback, a beautiful tribute to the past enriched by the most advanced full-LED technology, which also fits the entire light system. Furthermore, Ducati adds the sweeping technology, namely “dynamic” and auto-cancelling indicators.



Price Standard
Price - Warranty (Months) 24
Price - Warranty (Condition) Limited


Engine Standard
Engine - Engine Brand Name Testastretta 11
Engine - Engine Type Longitudinal Twin
Engine - Cylinders 2
Engine - Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
Engine - Horsepower (bhp) 111
Engine - Horsepower (kW) 82
Engine - Horsepower RPM 9250
Engine - Torque (Ft Lbs) 69
Engine - Torque (Nm) 93
Engine - Torque RPM 6500
Engine - Cooling Liquid
Engine - Valves 8
Engine - Valves Per Cylinder 4
Engine - Valve Configuration DOHC
Engine - Bore (mm) 94
Engine - Bore (in) 3.7
Engine - Stroke (mm) 67.5
Engine - Stroke (in) 2.66
Engine - Displacement (cc) 937
Engine - Displacement (ci) 57
Engine - Compression Ratio 13.3:1
Engine - Starter Electric
Engine - Fuel Requirements Premium
Engine - Fuel Type Gas
Engine - Turbocharged No
Engine - Supercharged No
Carburetion Standard
Carburetion - Fuel Injector Yes
Carburetion - Fuel Injector Size (mm) 53
Carburetion - Carburetor No
Carburetion - Carburetion Type Fuel Injected


Transmission Standard
Transmission - Transmission Type Manual
Transmission - Number Of Speeds 6
Transmission - Overdrive Yes
Transmission - Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) Chain
Transmission - Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission) Gear
Transmission - Gear Ratio (1) 2.47
Transmission - Gear Ratio (2) 1.76
Transmission - Gear Ratio (3) 1.4
Transmission - Gear Ratio (4) 1.18
Transmission - Gear Ratio (5) 1.04
Transmission - Gear Ratio (6) 0.96
Transmission - Reverse No
Transmission - Final Drive Ratio 2.87


Dimensions Standard
Dimensions - Wheelbase (in) 58
Dimensions - Wheelbase (mm) 1474
Weight Standard
Weight - Dry Weight (lbs) 366
Weight - Dry Weight (kg) 166
Weight - Wet Weight (lbs) 414
Weight - Wet Weight (kg) 188
Capacities Standard
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (gal) 3.7
Capacities - Fuel Capacity (l) 14
Performance Standard
Performance - Engine Displacement to Weight (cc) 2.56


Construction Standard
Construction - Frame Aluminum
Hand Grips Standard
Foot Pegs Standard
Foot Pegs - Foot Peg Location Driver and Passenger
Foot Pegs - Adjustable No
Exterior Guards Standard
Exterior Guards - Chain Guard Yes
Exterior Guards - Engine Case Guard No
Exterior Guards - Fork Guards Yes
Exterior Guards - Saddle Bag Guard No
Exterior Guards - Belt Guard No
Exterior Guards - Hand Guards No
Exterior Guards - Brush Guard No
Exterior Guards - Heel Guards Yes
Exterior Guards - Exhaust Guard Yes
Exterior Guards - Light Guard No
Exterior Covers Standard
Exterior Covers - Radiator Cover Yes
Exterior Covers - Side Cover No
Front Fender Standard
Rear Fender Standard
Stand Standard
Stand - Stand Type Kick
Handlebars Standard


Front Suspension Standard
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Type Inverted Fork
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Size (in) 1.7
Front Suspension - Front Suspension Size (mm) 43
Front Suspension - Front Travel (in) 5.1
Front Suspension - Front Travel (mm) 130
Front Suspension - Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load No
Front Suspension - Front Adjustable Rebound Damping No
Front Suspension - Steering Damper No
Rear Suspension Standard
Rear Suspension - Rear Suspension Type Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Suspension - Rear Travel (in) 5.5
Rear Suspension - Rear Travel (mm) 140
Rear Suspension - Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load Yes
Rear Suspension - Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping Yes
Rear Suspension - Number Rear Shock Absorbers 1
Rear Suspension - Rear Suspension Material Aluminum


Wheels Standard
Wheels - Wheels Composition Aluminum
Wheels - Tube / Tubeless Tubeless
Wheels - Front Wheel Width (in) 3.5
Wheels - Rear Wheel Width (in) 5.5
Wheels - Chromed No
Tires Standard
Tires - Tire Brand Pirelli®
Tires - Front Tire Width 120
Tires - Front Tire Aspect Ratio 70
Tires - Front Tire Speed Rating Z
Tires - Front Wheel Diameter 17
Tires - Rear Tire Width 180
Tires - Rear Tire Aspect Ratio 55
Tires - Rear Tire Speed Rating Z
Tires - Rear Wheel Diameter 17
Tires - Front Tire (Full Spec) Pirelli® Diablo Rosso III 120/70 ZR17
Tires - Rear Tire (Full Spec) Pirelli® Diablo Rosso III 180/55 ZR17


Brakes Standard
Brakes - Brake Brand Name Brembo® Monobloc
Brakes - Front Brake Type Dual Hydraulic Disc
Brakes - Front Brake Diameter (in) 12.6
Brakes - Front Brake Diameter (mm) 320
Brakes - Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Brakes - Rear Brake Diameter (in) 9.7
Brakes - Rear Brake Diameter (mm) 245
Anti-Lock Brakes Standard
Linked Brake System Front to Rear Standard


Seat Standard
Seat - Seat Type One-Piece
Seat - Adjustable Yes
Seat - Seat Material Vinyl
Seat - Seat Location Driver and Passenger
Seat - Folding No
Seat Specifications Standard
Seat Specifications - Seat Height (in) 32.3
Seat Specifications - Seat Height (mm) 820
Seat Specifications - Number Of Seats 2
Seat Tail Cover Standard
Grab Rail or Strap Standard


Digital Instrumentation Standard
Clock Standard
Tachometer Standard
Trip Odometer Standard
Trip Computer Standard
Lap Timer Standard
Speedometer Standard
Temperature Warning Standard
Temperature Warning - Temperature Warning Type Gauge
Fuel Level Warning Standard
Fuel Level Warning - Fuel Level Warning Type Gauge
Service Reminder Standard
Multi-Lingual Instrumentation Standard


Underseat Storage Standard
Lockable Storage Standard


Headlight(s) Standard
Headlight(s) - Type LED


Rearview Mirrors Standard
Windshield Standard
Windshield - Windshield Lowers No
Windshield - Height Adjustable No
Windshield - Tinted Yes
Windshield - Height Low


Engine Immobilizer Standard
Power Outlet Standard
Adjustable Levers Standard


Paint Standard


Steering Standard
Steering - Steering Control Handlebar


Windshield Mounts Standard

Certain features may require an additional add-on package that may not be included in the retail or sale price. Please contact the dealership for full details.

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