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Coleman Power SportsCall the Woodbridge Service Dept for Dyno Services and performance tuning!

Service Dept direct dial numbers:
Woodbridge 703-497-1502

Falls Church 703-237-3402

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Snap some images of your project bike and email them to;

Let me know what your ideas are. I will go over the bike, and ideas with my Master Technician's and see what we can do to make your project come to life.

ECUnleashed Performance Reflash

ECUnleashed Performance Reflash enhances the experience in every ride. Offering more power by eliminating factory restrictions, optimizing fuel, ignition & throttle mapping, increasing rev limit, and removing the top speed limiter. While delivering better response and control through eliminating the factory fuel cut off and optimizing the off throttle deceleration mapping. This reduces engine braking and delivers smoother more predictable on/off throttle transitions.


Both Service Departments open at 10am everyday except Sunday, when the stores are closed! Night drop service is available for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs.

Coleman Power Sports

Why Motorcycle Maintenance Is Important...
The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is especially true when youre talking about motorcycle maintenance and maintaining mechanical systems. Since your motorcycle is not self-healing and will not fix itself, it is up to you to ensure that it gets the proper care.

The following are the basics of motorcycle maintenance.
Good motorcycle maintenance means a safe machine. A careful check of certain parts and systems must be made after periods of storage and frequently between the regular service intervals to determine if additional motorcycle maintenance is necessary.

The following items should be checked regularly (and especially after the bike has been sitting for a while):
1. Tires-for correct pressure, abrasions or cuts.
2. Drive belt and/or chain-for proper tension.
3. Brakes, steering and throttle-for responsiveness.
4. Brake fluid-for level and condition.
5. Hydraulic lines and fittings-for leaks.
6. Brake pads and discs-for excessive or disproportionate wear.
7. Cables-for fraying or crimping and free operation.
8. Engine and transmission lube for proper levels.
9. Wheel spokes-for tightness.
10. Headlamp, tail lamp, brake lamp and directional lamps-for proper operation.

Discounted Tires PLUS Discounted installation!

Ask for details in the Service or Parts Dept!

Coleman Power SportsColeman Power SportsCalling all mechanics!!! Are you a certified motorcycle, boat and or ATV mechanic? If so, we need to talk. We are currently hiring for both locations in the service department. Even if you dont quite fit the above description, meaning youre a bit green, we still would like to talk to you. Click here to see the employment openings.