2017 Apex Cycle 2 Wheel/3 Wheel Licensing Classes

When: June 9-11

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2-Wheel Licensing, 2 & 3-Wheel On-Street, or
In-Traffic Training.

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March 10-12

April 7-9

May 12-14

June 23-25 in Fairfax

June 26-28 FFX
June 30-July 2 FFX
June 9-11 WB and Fredericksburg
July 7-9

August 11-13

September 8-11

October 13-15

November 10-12

We will continue to offer On-Street and In-Traffic Training for operators of 2 and 3-wheel motorcycles in conjunction with the 2-wheel licensing classes. Remember to dress warm; let's try out those electric vests, gloves, and grips! Check out our Street Rider Course for more information about these classes.